Our One Page Profiles

We use One Page Profiles to introduce ourselves and model this person-centred way of working.

One Page Profiles are a simple summary of who someone is: what is important to them and how they want to be best supported.  We use different versions, depending upon the age of the young person we are meeting, and they help to build better relationships and illuminate personalities without being too detailed.

We are a team of Educational & Child Psychologists, Assistant Psychologists, Inclusion Facilitators and a Family Systemic Psychotherapists.

You will often find us working within educational settings as well as working with children, young people, families and professional colleagues.

Our Educational Psychology and Therapeutic Services are placed within the Inclusion Service, part of Suffolk County Council Children & Young People’s Services.

We also work closely with the Virtual School, the Youth Justice, and Fostering and Adoption Services.

Meet our team

Name Role One Page Profile One Page Profile video

Abigail Hobson

Assistant Psychologist PDF  
Alice Clarke Lowestoft and Waveney Senior Educational Psychologist (Digital and Research) PDF Video
Amy Tucker Business Support Assistant Manager PDF  
Andrea Scourou Business Support Officer PDF  
Beth Lewis Business Support Officer PDF  
Carina Embeita Specialist Educational Psychologist (Youth Justice Service) & Family Systemic Psychotherapist PDF  
Caroline Whitman Business Support Officer PDF  
Cassii Ward Assistant Psychologist  PDF  
Claire Darwin Service Lead/ Principal Child & Educational Psychologist PDF Video
Connor Hammond Trainee Educational Psychologist  PDF  

Emily Smith

Inclusion Facilitator



Emma Pope 

Business Support Officer


Emma Walton Educational Psychologist PDF Video
Fiona Ayers Educational Psychologist PDF  
Georgia Hampton Assistant Psychologist  PDF  
Georgina Turner Specialist Educational Psychologist (Youth Justice and Trauma Recovery Model) PDF  
Holly Robertson  Deputy Principal Educational Psychologist  PDF  
Imogen Howarth Deputy Principal Educational Psychologist  PDF Video
Jake Jackson Educational Psychologist  PDF  
Jackie Lower Business Support Coordinator PDF  
Jane Leighton Specialist Educational Psychologist (Adoption) PDF   
Jemma Carter Ipswich Coastal Senior Educational Psychologist (Trauma, Loss, and Bereavement) PDF  
Jerry Mhembere Business Support Officer PDF  
Jessica Astley-Marr Trainee Educational Psychologist  PDF  
Jill Griffiths  West Suffolk Senior Educational Psychologist (Delivering Better Value (DBV) and Cognition and Learning) PDF  
Jodie Young Inclusion Facilitator PDF  Video
Kate Fieldhouse Bury St Edmunds & Central Senior Educational Psychologist (Early Years and Team Culture) PDF  
Kate Mills Educational Psychologist PDF  
Katie Mahler Assistant Psychologist  PDF  
Katie Matthews Senior Inclusion Facilitator PDF Video
Kay Breton North & East Ipswich Senior Educational Psychologist (Wellbeing in Education & Supervision) PDF  
Kayleigh Skene

Educational Psychologist

PDF Video
Kelly Francis Senior Inclusion Facilitator PDF  
Liza Wright Inclusion Facilitator PDF Video
Lucy Wells Inclusion Facilitator PDF  
Lysandra Sinclaire-Harding Educational Psychologist  PDF  
Maia Gooding Senior Inclusion Facilitator PDF  
Margo Bristow Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist (Neurodiversity) PDF  
Marie Osborn South and West Ipswich Senior Educational Psychologist (Trainee EPs, Assistant Psychologists, VIG and VERP) PDF  
Megan Smith Senior Educational Psychologist (ELSA)  PDF  
Nick Palmer Educational Psychologist PDF  
Nicki Baker Trainee Educational Psychologist  PDF  
Nikki Palmer Educational Psychologist PDF  
Olivia Blick Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist (Virtual School) PDF  
Rachel Sawyer Educational Psychologist PDF  
Rebecca Griffiths Senior Educational Psychologist (AANT & Inclusion Facilitation Service) PDF  
Rebecca Sleightholme  Inclusion Facilitator PDF  
Reni Landor Specialist Educational Psychologist (Youth Justice Service) PDF  
Sara Fance Educational Psychologist  PDF  
Shalah Mellor Educational Psychologist PDF  
Susan Hunter Educational Psychologist PDF  
Veronica Sousa Educational Psychologist PDF  
Zoe Bennett  Inclusion Facilitator  PDF Video
Zoe Reavill Educational Psychologist PDF