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No Cold Calling Zones

Identified by residents who do not want visits from unsolicited or 'cold' callers. How to stop unsolicited or 'cold' callers happening where you live.

No Cold Calling Zones (NCCZs) are specific geographical areas where residents have identified that they do not want visits from unsolicited or 'cold' callers.

NCCZs allow residents to collectively prevent traders and salespersons from calling at their homes without a prior appointment. They are created in partnership with residents, Trading Standards, local councillors, the police and other key local partners.

Setting up a NCCZ

You need to consider:

  • the main reason for setting up the NCCZ must be crime prevention or reduction, or reducing the fear of crime - and there must be a likely chance that a NCCZ will assist in achieving this purpose
  • there must be a problem already identified in relation to crime in your area; for example, there needs to be specific intelligence or evidence of high levels of doorstep crime
  • the size of the NCCZ must be limited and directly correspond to the geographic scope of the identified problem
  • which cold calling activities should be targeted by the NCCZ
  • there must be a high number of residents in the area who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and/or deception from unsolicited or 'cold' callers
  • there must be consultation with householders within the area prior to the creation of a NCCZ

Contact us

We need members of the public, local councillors, Safer Neighbourhood teams, or any other members of the community who are concerned about crime and doorstop callers, to contact us.

Call 0808 223 1133, 9am to 5pm or email

Do you live in a NCCZ?

Please note, the telephone number displayed on your door sticker has changed. If you are approached at the door, you should report it to us via 0808 223 1133.

Please call us via 0808 223 1133, 9am to 5pm or email to receive a replacement sticker.

How do I know if an area is a NCCZ?

Signs are on display in a NCCZ and stickers are on participating householder's door.

You can search for participating roads by area below.

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