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Funding and grants

Find information and advice about commissioning, grant funding, available grants and external funding in Suffolk.


Commissioning is about getting the positive outcomes that individuals, families, communities and society need, by using the resources that are available in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way.

Resources mean not just taxpayers' money, but also the professionals and clinicians, internal and external providers, buildings, and most importantly the family and community that people contribute to and rely on. 

The Commissioning in Suffolk document (PDF, 1.6MB) sets out the principles that we aim to achieve when undertaking commissioning activity.

Grant funding

Suffolk County Council uses grants in a number of different ways. The grant funding flowchart (PDF, 61KB) contains our funding model and tools that commissioners can use.

Grants available

For information about larger grants that are available please register on Suffolk Sourcing.

We are just starting to put grants onto Suffolk Sourcing so all the information may not be there the first time you use the system.

Most of Suffolk’s small community grants are now administered through the Suffolk Community Foundation. For up to date information please visit


For advice on how to get funding and news on funding matters, visit Community Action Suffolk.


Commissioner: the person(s) responsible for the commissioning process.

Commissioning: the process of:

  • assessing need
  • specifying the outcomes required
  • planning how to best use resources
  • securing and managing delivery

This may include commissioning by 1 or more public authorities (often referred to as joint commissioning).

Grant Funding: the funding of organisations to develop a common purpose objective.

Procurement: the process of acquiring goods, services or works via quotation or tender.