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Apply for planning permission

How to submit a mineral, waste and county council development planning application to Suffolk County Council and the information you need to provide.

We only manage planning applications related to:

  • minerals
  • waste
  • county council developments such as schools or fire stations

For other planning applications, contact your local district or borough council:

Please see a map of the area (JPG, 3.9MB) to locate your district council.

How to submit an application

You can submit an online application through the planning portal.

More information regarding the planning process can be found on the Planning Portal

Before you submit your application 

Read our planning and development advice to help make sure that your planning application meets the requirements for approval.

You can submit a request for pre-application advice for a minerals or waste application and advice for County Council Developments is also available.

Some applications may need to be determined by the Development and Regulation Committee.

Pay for a planning application

Planning fees have increased as of 6 December 2023.

More information regarding planning fees can be found on the Government website.

You can pay for a planning application quickly and easily online.

Validation checklist

We'll check your application contains the correct information.

Please read the National Validation Requirements, and you must also provide all the information published in: