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Apply for new or renewal of existing access protection markings (white 'H' markings)

Find how out to apply for access protection markings, including how much it costs, the criteria you need to fulfil and an outline of the application process.

An access protection marking (APM) is a single white line in front of a lowered kerb to allow vehicle access to driveways. 

The purpose of the marking is to highlight the presence of a dropped kerb.

The markings are most effective when there are high volumes of people outside the immediate area parking for a short amount of time. Access protection markings show these people whether their parking is obstructive to a driveway.

Suffolk Highways and the police are not able to enforce access protection markings or be able to get a vehicle moved as they are advisory markings.

If you are the owner or occupier of premises in Ipswich, you can request the Civil Parking Enforcement team to enforce dropped kerbs outside your residential or business premises. Find more information from Ipswich Borough Council on reporting a parking problem.