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Register a birth

How to register a birth in Suffolk, required documents and booking an appointment online.

Please note: The Ipswich Register Office is now at Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, IP1 2BX. The office in Grimwade Street is now closed.

Dogs other than assistance dogs are not allowed at the Register Offices.

We can register the births of all babies born in the county of Suffolk.

  • You can register at any of our offices regardless of where in Suffolk your baby was born.
  • Appointments are in person only, online registrations are not possible.
  • If the parents are not married and want both parents' details to appear on the birth certificate, both parents need to attend the appointment together.
  • There is no parking at any of Register Offices (with the exception of Lowestoft). Please allow sufficient time to park and arrive in time for your appointment.
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, the appointment may have to be rescheduled.
  • There's space for a maximum of 3 people in each appointment room.
  • Please check the child's registration very carefully before signing. The responsibility lies with you to look for any errors on this legal document. Corrections cost up to £90.
  • Both parents attending the appointment need to be able to read and understand English to sign and approve the registration. If you are not married or in a registered Civil Partnership, you are not allowed to translate for each other. If you need to bring an interpreter, please contact your chosen Register Office to ask for a longer appointment. 

Registering more than one baby/child

Appointments to register more than one child may take longer.

Please contact the respective Register Office directly if you wish to register more than one child.

Registering the baby of same sex parents

To arrange an appointment please call the Register Office you wish to attend, who will be pleased to assist you further. Please ensure you have read the information below before booking an appointment. 

Please book your appointment to register a birth online. 

Alternatively, please call any of our Register Offices to make an appointment: Contact a Register Office