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Apply to speak at a public meeting

Apply online to speak at a public meeting at Suffolk County Council; and our protocol for filming, recording or taking photographs in meetings.

You need to apply if you wish to speak at a meeting.

The rules for speaking at meetings can vary depending on the committee. Please read the relevant guidance before applying.

How to apply

Complete our online form to apply to take part in a council meeting. 

Please tell us:

  • your title, name and address, email address and/or phone number;
  • who you are representing;
  • the name of the committee or meeting you wish to speak at;
  • the item of planning application to discuss (if relevant);
  • date of the meeting (if known); and
  • your question or comment

Please note: If necessary, to fully answer your query, we will pass your contact details on to officers of the council and county councillors.

To take part you:

  • must be a resident in, or a registered local government elector, for Suffolk (except for at Development and Regulation Committee);
  • will be given set amount of time during the meeting; and
  • must not say anything defamatory or offensive, or require the council or committee to disclose confidential information.

Which meeting do you wish to take part in?

How you take part and how to apply varies according to different types of meeting.

Read the guidance that relates to the meeting you're interested in; published below.

Filming, recording or taking photographs

Filming, recording and photography is allowed at public meetings only.

For more information, please read the Council's Filming, Photography and Audio Recording Protocol

Contact us

Call 01473 265119 or email

Write to:
Democratic Services
Suffolk County Council
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road