Roads and transport

Roadworks, potholes, dropped kerbs, parking, Blue Badges, public transport, gritting, road safety, flooding and reporting a problem on a road or pavement.
Current and planned roadworks or road and street closures and how this affects you and information about road improvements projects in Suffolk.
Highway maintenance
How Suffolk highways are maintained, what to do if there's a highway maintenance emergency and how to claim for damage caused by highway defects.
Roads, pavements and verges
Details of road, pavement and verge maintenance and defects, including potholes, roadworks, drainage, resurfacing, vegetation, salting, gritting and snow.
Parking and Blue Badge
Information about parking, including the Blue Badge scheme for disabled parking, dropped kerbs and residential parking schemes.
Public rights of way and access in Suffolk
Find out about access to the countryside in Suffolk, including commons and village greens, the definitive map and statement and reporting an issue.
Public transport
How to apply for an age related free travel bus pass or renew a bus pass, public transport information for Suffolk and Local Links travel resources.
Flooding and drainage
Read about flood guidance, management, drainage, maintenance and how to report a flood in Suffolk.
Street lighting, traffic signals and pedestrian crossings
Report a problem with a street light, pedestrian crossing or traffic signal quickly and easily online and how street lighting repairs are managed in Suffolk.
Highway licences
How to apply for a licence including skips, scaffolds, mobile elevating work platforms or building materials on a public road, pavement or verge.
Traffic management and road safety
Find out how we manage roads and promote road safety using education campaigns, speed limits and signs.
Transport strategy and planning
Find out about transport strategy, consultations, development and plans for Suffolk.
Highways quick guides
Read our quick guides to find details on highway emergencies, grass cutting, drainage and other highway related topics.

Read our highways quick guides

You can read, download and bookmark our quick guides to find details on highway emergencies, grass cutting, drainage and other highway related topics.

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