Information about all Suffolk County Council's formal committees, including details of their members and when they meet.

All Suffolk County Council's formal committees are listed in the table below.

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Suffolk County Council has developed role profiles which give an indication of the skills a councillor may need and the responsibilities they may have during their term of office. This includes role profiles for some of the committee chairman.

Table showing all Suffolk Council Council's formal committees.



Audit Committee

Advises on the council's corporate governance arrangements.


Responsible for policy and service-related issues.

County Council

Sets the strategic direction of the authority.

Development and Regulation Committee

Deals with strategic developments, applications for waste and mineral developments and responsible for Rights of Way issues in Suffolk.

Dismissals Appeals Committee

Handles disciplinary and grievance appeals by council staff.

Education and Children's Services Scrutiny Committee


Responsible for scrutiny of how the County Council, and the other organisations it works with, secure the best possible outcomes for every child in Suffolk.

Education Transport Appeals Committee

Deals with home to school/college transport issues affecting individual children or young people.

Health Scrutiny Committee

Responsible for scrutinising wellbeing and health services.

Individual Cases Committee

Meets on demand as needed for individual cases.

Pension Fund Committee

Oversees and manages the Council's Pension Fund.

Scrutiny Committee

Supports and challenges the council in carrying out its responsibilities properly.

Staff Appointments Committee

Appoints officers to posts within local authorities.

Suffolk Firefighters' Pension Board

Ensures that the National Firefighters' Pension Fund is managed and administered effectively, efficiently, and complies with the code of practice on the governance and administration of public service pension schemes issued by the Pension Regulator.

Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board

Encourages integrated working between public services.

Suffolk Joint Standards Board

Decides the outcome of serious complaints against councillors.

Suffolk Police and Crime Panel

Supports and challenges the Police and Crime Commissioner.