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Self-assess your needs

You can self-assess your care and support needs to find help to live independently and request more support if you need it.
Woman and her mother using a laptop

If you or someone you know might need support, you can use our self-assessment to look for help.

How it works

The self-assessment form provides care and support information based on your:

  • living situation
  • physical, mental and emotional needs
  • basic finances

The self-assessment only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Why use the self-assessment?

  • Find out what care or support needs you have 
  • Suggestions for equipment, adaptations and services that might help you stay in your own home
  • Local groups, clubs and events in your community that can help you remain active, healthy and independent
  • Check if you're eligible for social care funding and support from the council
  • Learn how to request social care support if you need it