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About Suffolk Trading Standards and enforced legislation list

See Suffolk Trading Standards' current enforcement policies and enforced legislation list. Find out how to give feedback about our service.

How help and support is provided

Trading Standards supports and assists both consumers and businesses. We advise on and enforce laws that govern the way we buy, sell, rent and hire goods and services.

Consumer Advice and Criminal Complaints

Our partner Citizens Advice consumer service, will assess all issues raised by the public and, where appropriate, provide advice about how to resolve them. They'll then share the information with us so that we can tackle wider problems with businesses at a local level.

  • We use the information that Citizens Advice consumer service shares with us to direct our resources at the areas of greatest need.
  • We might use this information to take action to stop the trader from acting unfairly, for example by educating them about the law. If necessary, we may take legal action against them to stop their illegal practices.

Contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service

Advice for businesses

Trading Standards support and encourage businesses by giving advice and information to help businesses get it right first time.

We can help businesses with start up advice, with the labelling of their products, assist them with setting up due diligence systems, carry out checks on their weighing equipment, provide information on resolving consumer disputes and offer guidance on product safety, credit advertising and various other areas of legislation.

Business Companion provides information for businesses and individuals that need to know about trading standards and consumer protection legislation.

Go to Business Companion

Legislation covered by Trading Standards

We enforce over 80 parliamentary Acts and 2000 supporting pieces of legislation.

These laws cover things like:

Below you can download and read the list of legislation enforced by Suffolk Trading Standards, along with our enforcement policy and food and feed law enforcement plan.

You can also read the Suffolk County Council Guide to Practice and Procedure under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 and the Investigatory Powers Act Policy, which details how Trading Standards will use powers under the Investigatory Powers Act to obtain communications data, and the safeguards in place.

Helpful resources

You can find out more on the framework for regulatory delivery from the Office of Product Safety and Standards by downloading the Regulators' Code (PDF, 140KB) from their website.

For details of the fees we charge for our services visit our licenses pages.

For fees relating to weights and measures services, please contact us by email on

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