Animal welfare

Find out how we promote and maintain the standards of animal health and welfare in Suffolk.

We work to:

  • prevent and control outbreaks of animal disease
  • protect the welfare of livestock - in transit and at animal gatherings
  • safeguard human health and the food chain from contagious diseases

Our work includes:

  • visiting keepers of livestock to ensure they are complying with disease control and welfare rules
  • checking livestock movements
  • checking vehicles that transport animals
  • attending animal gatherings
  • investigating allegations of livestock welfare abuse
  • investigating breaches of animal by-products disposal rules

Animal disease response

In preparation of any potential livestock disease outbreaks a multi agency plan is in place.

This has been developed by Suffolk Trading Standards and the Suffolk Joint Emergency Planning Unit.

It allows coordinated contingency planning to take place within Suffolk and is updated in line with the National Framework Response Plan to Exotic Animal Diseases.

For more information visit Suffolk Prepared.

Report livestock health and welfare concerns

Call 0808 223 1133 to report your concerns.

To find out the requirements of keeping and moving livestock, read our livestock premises assessment guide (Word, 74KB).

The government offers advice on: