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Early Help Assessment (EHA)

The EHA is a way of working with families who are struggling and puts their needs at the heart of decisions made about how they get help.

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) is used by people working for organisations across Suffolk. Schools, Family Hubs, families, and young people work together to agree on steps and support to resolve difficulties. If existing help is not enough, families can request more support through an EHA referral.

Read more below on how the EHA works for parents, caregivers, and professionals.

What is an Early Help Assessment (EHA)?
Find about more about what an EHA is, and how it can help you as a parent, child or professional.
Make a referral for an Early Help Assessment (EHA)
Learn how to make a referral for an EHA.
Early Help Assessment (EHA) information for professionals
Find more important information professionals may need to know before making an EHA referral.
Early Help Assessment (EHA) information for families
Read more information about the EHA, aimed at parents and young people.
Adolescent Early Help Assessment
Read more about Adolescent Early Help Assessments and how they differ for young people.
Early Help Assessment (EHA) - useful links
Find useful links providing more support for young people and families.
Contact the Family Support team
Find out how professionals can contact the Family Support team.
Early Help Assessment (EHA) privacy notice
Read our Children and Young People's (CYP) privacy notice to see how your data will be used.