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Highways quick guides

Read our quick guides to find details on highway emergencies, grass cutting, drainage and other highway related topics.

Read the quick guides below to find information on each topic

The Emergency Response Service operates 24/7 and ensures that high risk safety issues are dealt with or made safe as quickly as possible.

The reactive service ensures roads, pavements and other highway infrastructure remain safe for members of the public and those using the highway for their day-to-day business.

Capital and revenue funding is used for maintaining the highway. This guide details levels of funding and how these funding sources are used for different maintenance activities. 

Drainage cleansing activities are undertaken to keep highway drainage assets free flowing so surface water can drain away from roads and pavements.

Weed treatments are undertaken to prevent spread which can cause a lot of damage to hard surfaces.  Some species of weed can be hazardous to the health of wildlife.

Grass cutting operations start in May and run through to September each year and are undertaken to keep visibility and to ensure road and pavement widths are not reduced.


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