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Street lighting

Find out how to report faulty or obscured street lighting, information about part-night lighting in Suffolk and how to attach something to a street light.

Suffolk Highways are responsible for the maintenance and energy of over 70,000 street lights and nearly 9,500 illuminated signs and bollards across the county.

There are also over 10,500 street lights owned by other authorities, including borough, district, town or parish councils, Highways England (for trunk roads) and private owners.

Our online reporting system  will tell you whether or not we are responsible for maintenance (you can find this in the page section below " Report a faulty streetlight, lit sign or bollard"). 

If the street light, lit sign or bollard is not shown on our reporting system, then we do not maintain or repair it.

There are numerous organisations and individuals who own areas of land which are used by the public and on which lit equipment may be located but are not maintained by us.  We do not hold records of who is responsible for them but the borough, district, town or parish councils  may know the owner. 

Some examples of locations where we  are not responsible for maintaining lit equipment are shown below:

  • Public areas including roads and pavements in new developments are usually the responsibility of the developer
  • Some streets are in private ownership and are therefore not maintained by us. 
  • Areas beyond the extent of the maintained highway (this usually includes the road, pavement and/or verge). 
  • Shared driveways, accesses and parking areas - these areas are not our responsibility if they are not part of the maintained highway. 
  • Usually the roads on trading estates and industrial estates are not part of the maintained highway. The owner or manager of the estate should be contacted with your concerns. Sometimes their details are displayed on signs at the entry/exit points.

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