Council and democracy

Find out about county councillors, council tax, consultations, committees and meetings, council directorates, salaries and open data.

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The council and its committees

Find out about the role of the cabinet, council and committees in decision making and details of meeting dates, agendas, reports and minutes.

Councillors and elected representatives

Find out who your councillor is, what they do, and how to complain about them, as well as details of other elected representatives.

Budget, Council tax and finance

How Council tax is calculated and how your money is spent. Get information about our accounts and how pensions are managed.

Our aims and transformation programmes

See the plans, policies and priorities for Suffolk County Council, including their commitment to equality, inclusion and raising education levels.

Council directorates and senior officers

Find out about our directorates and services, the role of Chief Executive, the Monitoring Officer and the Chief Finance Officer.

Open Data Suffolk

Find free data about Suffolk and the Council available to the general public and organisations.

Consultations, petitions and elections

Find how to comment on a consultation in Suffolk, how to take part in a petition and about elections in Suffolk.

Lieutenancy and honours

About the role and responsibilities of Suffolk's Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff of Suffolk.

Borough, district, parish and town councils

Find services run by other councils in Suffolk and not Suffolk County Council. Includes bins or refuse collections, council tax, parking and benefits.

Suffolk Public Sector Leaders group

Find out about the Suffolk Public Sector Leaders group (SPSL), including information on meetings, agendas and who are the members of the group.