About the Psychology and Therapeutic Services

The Psychology and Therapeutic Services (P&TS) includes a team of colleagues who work to support wellbeing and learning.
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What is the Psychology and Therapeutic Service

We are an experienced team of Child, Adolescent, Community and Educational Psychologists, Family Systemic Psychotherapist, Assistant Psychologists and Inclusion Facilitators work across Suffolk. 

Our Assistant Psychologists provide a broadly based, psychological service to:

  • Promote and encourage person centred, inclusive practice and effective ways of working that leads to improved outcomes for children and young people, and families.
  • Contribute to work-based staff training.
  • Contribute to relevant research and developmental projects.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of effective psychological interventions and evidence-based reports.

What do we do?

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Our involvement supports emotional well-being, mental health, behaviour and learning on an individual, group and whole school or organisational basis. We work using trauma informed and person-centred approaches that draw on the strengths of each individual child or young person to find what works best for them. Our team are specialists working within the fields of trauma, attachment, adoption and sleep, where we develop and grow our evidence-based psychological approaches and therapeutic interventions.

Our team work with you in different ways, including face-to-face, over the phone and using video calls.

In recent years we have developed new ways of working, including greater use of digital tools such as virtual consultation, some assessment and online meetings.

When we work with children, young people, their families and settings we discuss how best to work with them, and make person-centred decisions based on what will provide the best outcomes.

We seek feedback and continually review how we work in order to further develop our service offer that includes face to face, digital and hybrid working (in other words a mixture of both).

Supporting children and young people with additional needs and Special Educational Needs and or Disability (SEND)

Our core offer* and our work as part of Suffolk’s CYP Inclusion Service includes:

*please note our core offer means there is no cost to education settings.

Traded work with schools

Education settings can purchase traded Psychology & Therapeutic Services via the Schools Choice Marketplace Portal.

We encourage settings wishing to have traded input from P&TS to explore the variety of activities available via the Graduated Response and then plan their traded service delivery around our core (free at the point of delivery) offer.

Our traded offer includes:

Wellbeing in Education

Colleagues from across P&TS are working closely with NHS psychologists and staff across many services in order to provide a wide range of support and materials that support the mental health and wellbeing of families as well as staff.

These resources can be found on the Wellbeing in Education page. The page includes the following topics: