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You said, we did

See examples of changes we've introduced in response to customer feedback.

We welcome your feedback on our services, as it helps us find out what's going well and what we can improve.

Our examples currently cover Customer Services feedback from 2018 to 2019. We'll continue to add examples from this period.

Here are some examples of the changes we've made.

Summary of changes we've made
You said... We did...

You wanted a school term dates layout that was easier to print.

We created a print-friendly option which we added to the webpage that displays the school year term dates information on one page of A4.

You waited too long to talk to Customer Services.

We changed the opening hours to give greater flexibility of resource during peak times.

This resulted in faster responses.

You found the adult social care pages on our website confusing, and it was difficult to find the information you needed. 

We improved the adult social care webpages with clearer language, simpler navigation and emphasis on self-help to stay independent.

You wanted a better experience through email with Customer Services.

We invested in a new email analytics platform to allow us to track and manage email response times.

You experienced delays of weeks and months waiting for your carer assessments to be completed. 

We are carrying out investigations within the council about delays in the process.

You wanted to receive your email confirming the offer of a school place earlier on the National Offer Day (NOD).

We arranged for all emails to be sent out from a minute past midnight on the NOD so you could wake up to it in your mailbox.

You wanted to know your child's position on a waiting list on the NOD.

We made this information available to our colleagues at the Customer Service Centre so that they could respond to these enquiries on the NOD.