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Older terraced and semi-detached houses

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service is committed to ensuring residents are safe from fire in their homes.

Some older styled terraced and semi-detached properties were constructed with a common roof space across the adjoining properties. This method of construction was in accordance with the building regulations at the time and there was no requirement to install fire separation between homes in the roof space. This is often referred to as a common roof space.

A serious fire in a property can quickly spread to adjoining homes through the common loft space resulting in greater damage, risk to life and loss of people’s homes and possessions.

Changes to building regulations have been implemented to remove the creation of common roof spaces. There is a requirement to have adequate fire separation in all new builds or when significant renovation work is undertaken by property owners.

The enforcement of Building Regulations is the responsibility of the local District and Borough Councils, through their respective Building Control departments.

In addition to ensuring applicants comply with the latest regulations, your local Building Control department can provide detailed advice for residents who are considering changes to their properties.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service would encourage property owners to have a professionally constructed fire wall installed where there is a common roof space. This will improve the fire safety measures in the home and also improve security.

A link to your local Building Control department can be found below: