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Moving Traffic Enforcement (MTE) consultation

The aim of MTE is to ensure compliance for all traffic across the network, road traffic restrictions are in place for several reasons and should be adhered to.


Suffolk County Council is striving to make it safer, easier and more enjoyable for everyone to walk, cycle and use public transport, along with freeing up bus routes and ensuring traffic regulation orders are adhered to.

The outcome of successful enforcement will be measured in one, or more, of the following benefits:

  • Cleaner air
  • Less congestion
  • More reliable public transport
  • Improved road safety
  • Improved natural environment

At Suffolk County Council, we want to understand what our residents and businesses would prefer from the enforcement from the two options for consideration and any specific issues that could affect them:

  • A permit style scheme with permitted vehicles only
  • A bus lane/gate style scheme with only specified vehicles

There are positives and drawbacks to either option and understanding any areas of concern that have not currently been considered would be of value to the planning team.

Permit Enforcement Scheme

Bus Lane Enforcement Scheme

Permit application and database for those who are authorised to access the route.

Possible windows of enforcement to allow deliveries, drop-offs, etc. without a permit.

All permitted vehicles can access the route, such as making deliveries as and when required.

No permit application fees.

24/7 enforcement, ensuring permitted traffic is able to flow freely.

No other vehicle access when in operation.

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If you wish to contact us in regards to the survey, you email us at, or telephone us on 0345 606 6171.