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Traffic management and traffic calming

Information on how traffic in Suffolk is managed to optimise traffic flow, including our traffic calming measures.

Our aim is to keep traffic in Suffolk moving safely.

We try to achieve this using a number of different traffic management and traffic calming methods that protect road users and pedestrians.

Traffic management

Traffic management measures are used to smooth the flow of traffic on busy roads.  

There are a number of ways in which we work with parish and town councils to achieve safe, free flowing traffic, including:

Clicking on each of the topics above will take you to a page on each item with detailed information.

Traffic calming

Traffic calming measures such as road width restrictions and gateway/entrance points in villages can be used to:

  • slow down or reduce volumes of road traffic
  • improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists

If you feel traffic calming measures are required and the only possible method is to reduce the speed of vehicles, please contact the parish or town council for the location as any scheme of this type would need their support.

Please note that traffic calming is not considered suitable for A and B class roads, bus routes, or roads with inadequate street lighting.