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Traffic signals and pedestrian crossings

Learn how to report a problem with a traffic signal or vehicle activated sign.

Report a problem

Find out how to report a traffic signal or pedestrian crossing problem.

Types of traffic signal

You should find out the specific type of traffic signal you need to contact us about.

Signal controls at junctions

They're normal traffic signals at junctions that give priority to different streams of traffic. Most also include facilities to control pedestrian crossing.

Pelican crossings

They're the green man indicator at the opposite side of the road to the pedestrians. These crossings have a flashing green man and a flashing amber traffic light.

Puffin crossings

They're a pedestrian indicator on the same side as the pedestrian. There is no flashing green man or amber traffic light.

Toucan crossings

They allow both cyclists and pedestrians to cross and show green cycle symbol and a green man.

Pegasus crossings

They allow horses to cross and have special arrangements for the horses to wait.


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