Lorry Watch scheme

Join Lorry Watch to help notify councils in Suffolk of HGV vehicles who fail to follow weight restriction traffic orders or are unsuitable for narrow roads.

The Lorry Watch scheme aims to help parishes who feel that local HGV weight restriction traffic orders are being abused and overlooked by enforcement agencies.

The scheme is run by Trading Standards, who ensure that weight restriction orders are adhered to. These orders are in place to protect old or weak structures, as well as to prohibit heavy vehicles from areas unsuitable for their size (e.g. narrow village roads).

The scheme aims to empower residents and prevent environmental damage to some of Suffolk's most sensitive settlements.

We have Lorry Watch schemes in the following areas:

  • Beccles
  • Bungay
  • Claydon
  • Coddenham
  • Eye
  • Great Waldringfield
  • Hadleigh
  • Holton
  • Leiston
  • Palgrave
  • Sproughton

How the scheme works

  • Local trained observers note details of vehicles that may be misusing a route
  • These details are handed to the parish or town co-ordinator for administration and checking
  • the Co-ordinator send this information to Suffolk Trading Standards
  • We then obtain the correct weight of the vehicle to ensure no identification mistakes have been made
  • We contact the registered owner to find out the driver's details. The drive is then sent a letter
  • We decide on necessary action to take

Joining the scheme

Your role as an observer

Observers receive approximately an hour of training to help understand the difference in types of heavy commercial vehicles.

Observers are not expected to spend hours sat at the roadside, observations are most frequently made from within the home.

How to get involved

Membership to the Lorry Watch scheme is free.

You must be over 18 to join.

To get involved contact Trading Standards:

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