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Sizewell C nuclear power plant

Details of proposals for Sizewell C, a proposed nuclear power plant in Suffolk.

The Sizewell C application was granted development consent on 20 July 2022, by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Suffolk County Council has been a statutory consultee and has evaluated, challenged, and commented upon the proposals for a new nuclear power station to get the best possible outcomes for the people of Suffolk.

If and when the project is being commenced, the Council will have key roles in discharging requirements, monitoring and managing the monetary mitigation contributions by SZC Co held by the Council.

This page provides details of key documents related to the consent and related to the examination, as well as an overview of the history of the proposals.

Further details of the proposals are available on EDF Energy’s Sizewell C pages and on the Planning Inspectorate Sizewell C website.

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