Proposed residents parking zone consultation - Bridge area, Ipswich

Our consultation on the proposed residents parking zone around Bridge area, Ipswich.

In September 2018, a survey was sent to all businesses and residents on streets within the Bridge area of Ipswich, to gauge support for implementing a Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) in response to longstanding complaints about parking problems caused by non-residents.

The results of the survey showed there was enough support to develop a RPZ scheme on some of the streets and to carry out a formal legal consultation. 

Proposed Residents Parking Zone extent plan (1068KB) please see below for further details including resident consultation letters, legal notices, fees and plans. 

Correction note: 

Please note, there was an error in the copy of the Legal Notice attached to the consultation letter which was posted to all affected residents on the 26th of November. In the Legal Notice, Bridge Hall Road should have read Stoke Hall Road.

A RPZ means that you would need to purchase a virtual permit(s) to be able to park in specially marked residents parking bays on the street and the fees for permits are listed in the public notice that is enclosed with this letter. Fees are set to cover the cost of administering the RPZ and providing dedicated enforcement, not to make a profit.

The benefit of a RPZ is that it will help to prevent people who do not live in your area (except your own visitors) from parking on your street at the times that it is proposed to be in operation, which is from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Outside of these times, anyone can park in the bays. The proposals also include the provision of some waiting restrictions to control parking in between the resident's parking bays and across driveways and at junctions.

Letters detailing the proposed parking restrictions can be found below. 

  1. Philip Road, Ipswich (879KB) 
  2. Rectory Road, Ipswich (894KB) 
  3. Martin Road, Ipswich (880KB) 
  4. Luther Road, Ipswich (880KB) 
  5. Selwyne Close, Ipswich (887KB) 
  6. Stoke Hall Road, Ipswich (887KB) 
  7. Seymour Road, Ipswich (884KB) 
  8. Austin Street, Ipswich (890KB) 
  9. Great Whip Street, Ipswich (887KB) 
  10. Felaw Street, Ipswich (887KB) 
  11. Bulstrode Road, Ipswich (887KB) 
  12. Tyler Street, Ipswich (892KB) 
  13. Purplett Street, Ipswich (892KB) 
  14. Belstead Road, Ipswich (887KB)

Stopping, Waiting, and Loading Plans

Belstead Avenue and Maidenhall Approach (523KB) 

Grafton Way, Commercial Road, Bridge Street and Burrell Road (501KB) 

Vernon Street, Felaw Street, Wherstead Road and Tyler Street (653KB) 

Willoughby Road, Belstead Road, Stoke Street, Luther Road, Seymour Road & Rectory Road (575KB) 

Unfortunately, the draft order and plans cannot be viewed at our offices or made available for viewing at local libraries as normal due to ongoing restrictions in place due to Covid-19.

Ipswich Permit Parking Zone 5 - Statement of Reason (124KB) 

Ipswich Permit Parking Zone 5 - Order (113KB) 

These proposals are being formally advertised between 27th November - 18th December 2020. This period provides an opportunity for you to make a formal representation either in support, or to object to the proposals.

Should you wish to make an objection or any other representations related to these proposals and/or the associated waiting restrictions, please specify the grounds on which they are made, and send to George Firth (Suffolk Legal) via no later than 18th December 2020 or you can send in your comments via post to the below address. 

George Firth (Suffolk Legal) 
Suffolk County Council 
Constantine House 
5 Constantine Road 
IP1 2DH 

Please bear in mind that any such correspondence cannot be regarded as confidential and may be inspected by any interested party.

Once the closing date for receiving objections and comments has passed all comments will be reviewed and a final decision will be made by senior councillors and officers from the Council on whether this scheme is implemented as advertised, amended or not proceeded with.

If a decision is made to introduce a new RPZ for your area, then this will be administered and enforced by Ipswich Borough Council on Suffolk County Council’s behalf and they will write to all affected residents and businesses separately closer to the date when the RPZ would be introduced to provide details about how to apply for a permit(s).