Support communities to develop resilience, create opportunities to improve health and wellbeing, access funding, and find help and advice to stay safe.

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Community safety

Help and advice on abusive relationships, sexual exploitation, anti-social behaviour and hate crimes.

Resilient Communities

Find out how to have more influence over what happens in your community and how to improve it through volunteering.

Healthier Communities

Working to reduce inequalities and create opportunities to improve people’s health and wellbeing through systematic change.

Community Engagement

Working with community partners to improve the health of our communities, through tailored communications.

Community Funding

Find out how to gain access to community funding, and advice and support from Suffolk County Council and its partners.

Libraries, art and museums

Find out what library service are available, the work of Suffolk’s museums, and the Suffolk Arts Service.

Collaborative Communities Board

The CCB aims to coordinate a Suffolk System approach to tackling strategic issues and projects linked to prevention and demand management within communities.

Community Information

Find out about the Suffolk Information Partnership, Warm Handover Referral Scheme, and Suffolk InfoLink - Suffolk's directory of services.

Sue Poole Award 2022

In recognition of work in the field of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).