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Up-and-coming 2024 Mental Health Lead Network Event on 9 May

Are you booked on to attend our Mental Health Lead Network event?

We are holding a second in-person event for education setting Mental Health Leads and other relevant school colleagues interested in mental health.

The event will be hosted on Thursday 9 May at Endeavour House, Ipswich from 8:45am to 1:15pm.

There will be a variety of speakers, alongside information stands that will relate to supporting the mental health of children and young people, families and school staff. There will be a central theme of Anxiety.

This event will also share examples of good practice with mental health leads.

For more details about this event and book a place, please email:

Important changes to the Neurodevelopmental Disorders NDD Referral Pathway for children and young people in East and West Suffolk (not including Waveney) from 1 March.

Please read this important update on the Suffolk Local Offer Website. 

The parent/carer and professional Neurodevelopmental Disorders Pathway referral forms have been updated to reflect the new changes to the referral process and are available on the Suffolk Local Offer website. 

ChatHealth Textline Service has gone

The ChatHealth Textline service, which young people use to text health concerns to their school nurse, has been decommissioned. 
Young People/Parents/Carers will still be able to contact the School Nursing Team for assistance via their Health Business Hub by calling 0345 607 8866 or emailing:  

School staff and agency partners should start remove any ChatHealth Service promotional materials used at their settings. 

Recent updates made to the Emotional Wellbeing Hub referral form and guidance for professionals/school staff

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) has launched an updated referral form and referral criteria guidance for GPs and professionals - which includes school staff who need to refer a child or young person to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) via the Emotional Wellbeing Hub Service.
For more details go to: Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing Support in Suffolk 

Spring 2024 Free Parent and Carer Wellbeing and Childhood Neurodiversity Workshops

The Psychology in Schools Team and the Under 18s Wellbeing Team have free virtual workshops to support parents and carers with managing their child's emotions, anxiety, self-harm behaviours.  There are also workshops which explores supporting neurodiverse children with behaviours of distress. Find out more and book a place.

Changes to the Child and Young Person Neurodevelopmental Disorder (CYP NDD) Pathway

Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (SNEE ICB) have made enhancements to the Children and Young People’s Neurodevelopmental Disorder (NDD) Pathway referral process for for an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) child diagnosis.
For more details, go to: 

New 'See Your Life' mental health organisation that supports young people

See Your Life offer workshops, mostly to schools, and a range of services to young people aged 10-30, including:

  • They provide wellbeing support to young people. Information, support, advocacy
  • Tailored workshops to young people on a range of topics, such as self compassion, body dysmorphic disorder, happiness, character strengths and self investment.
  • Work with communities to promote positive relationships and wellbeing and training to young professionals.
  • 1:1coaching and mentoring to young people who are looking to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Work with disadvantaged young people.

Find out more about 'See Your Life' at: Email:

The Source website for young people in Suffolk 

'The Source' website for young people in Suffolk aged 11-19, provides information, advice, and sources of support on everyday issues that impact youngsters, and features an ‘Ask the Expert’ and ‘Find help now! Emotional Wellbeing Directory’ to help navigate young people to support services. See the video below to find out more and visit:


Support for eating disorders

  1. Share our Eating Disorders awareness page
  2. Share our 'Eat Well, Feel Well' campaign to help families in Suffolk find tips and advice for improving their relationships with food to prevent eating disorders.
Back to School 5 tips for families logo

Back to school resources for families

Take a look at our series of '5 Tips for Families' back to school leaflets with advice for helping children who are worried or anxious about going back to school:

View all of our '5 Tips for families' resources.

The Children's Commissioner also have a number of resources available to help prepare children and young people going back into school.

Workshops and resources to talk to children about the war in Ukraine

Find workshops and resources to help you talk to children and young people about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and cope with the news. Go to our page: Resources to help children understand war and conflict and address their worries.

Emotional Wellbeing Hub are working with Barnardo's

The Emotional Wellbeing Hub, which provides access to CAMHS for children and young people aged 0-25, are now working with Barnardo's. A Barnardo's phoneline has been created as an additional option for families when contacting the Emotional Wellbeing Hub Helpline. The Barnardo's phoneline helps to guide families to general emotional wellbeing information and guidance. For more details go to the Emotional Wellbeing Gateway website.


Self-harm resources now available to support families and educational settings

Parents, carers and educational settings can now find a range of useful Self-harm information and advice resources available to help them support a young person whose self-harming, from our children and young people's wellbeing page.

New LGBTQI+ support from Anna Freud

Anna Freud launches a new resource to support the mental health of LGBTQI+ young people which includes advice and guidance around a range of topics which might impact on their mental health. The resource includes sign-posting to a range of support.

EBSA Podcast

The latest episode of our Wellbeing in Education podcast focuses on Emotional Based School Avoidance (EBSA). Go to our Podcast page for more details.

New Crisis Tools learning guide to help you support young people in Crisis

Crisis Tools learning guides developed with Health Education England (HEE)

New EBSA resources available to support children and families

Go to the EBSA Emotionally Based School Avoidance section for advice to support children who are anxious about going to school.

Restorative Justice Training

Leading on from the successful Keys to Inclusion training, the Psychology and Therapeutic Service are now offering Restorative Justice training to education setting staff across Suffolk.

Support for young people's mental wellbeing

Young people in Suffolk have faced different pressures, uncertainties and challenges over the past year. This Support for young people's mental wellbeing document includes useful websites, organisations, helplines and apps that offer a range of support services.

Supporting children who are anxious and worried

Free Mental Health First Aid Training for staff working with children and young people

Teachers, health and social workers, volunteers, carers and parents who care/work with children and young people aged up to 25, can now access new online Psychological First Aid (PFA) training course (This course is free to complete. Please ignore the option to buy the course certificate).