Independent SEND Review, September 2021

In June 2021, the council commissioned an Independent Review to focus on the processes, communication protocols and family-facing elements of SEND services.

This was carried out by a team from Lincolnshire, including Lincolnshire County Council and the SEND parent carer network.

Read the SEND review here (PDF, 511KB).

As part of the review, the team made a series of recommendations to improve elements within our SEND provision. We have drafted an Action Plan which addresses each of these recommendations. Read the SEND review action plan here (PDF, 247KB)

Following publication of the report, we have also written an open letter to all parents and carers who may care for children or young people with SEND. You can read the full letter below:

An open letter to parents and carers following the publication of the Lincolnshire SEND Report September 2021

Dear parent or carer,

We would like to share with you today the outcome and action we are taking following the publication of the Lincolnshire Independent Review into some of our SEND services.

You will recall that we asked the Lincolnshire team to carry out a thorough review of several areas within our SEND services. It followed a significant increase in correspondence from concerned parents and carers earlier this year.

This wasn’t a review of everything we do, but focussed on the processes, communication protocols and family-facing elements of our SEND services.

The review has found that we must change what we are doing in a number of areas. We accept, without reservation, the findings of the review and are grateful to the Lincolnshire team for their attention to detail, professionalism and advice.

We would like to say sorry for the difficulties that some families have experienced as a result of how we have been doing things. We recognise that we have let down some children and young people as certain aspects of our services have simply not been good enough.

We want to show you that we can put things right. We have already started to make improvements to the way we do things and we will continue to do so as quickly as we can.

Whilst wide-scale improvement will take time, we are determined to make things better. There have been many positive changes to the way we deliver SEND services in the past 18 months and we are proud of these.

Your children’s education and welfare is fundamental and we want to work together to give your children and young people the very best chance in life.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the report or action plan please contact us via email at

With sincere best wishes,

Sue Cook

Director of People Services, Suffolk County Council

Allan Cadzow

Corporate Director, Children and Young People, Suffolk County Council