Exclusions from school

Why a child is excluded from school and how to appeal against the decision.

A headteacher can exclude a pupil:

  • from lessons while still attending school
  • for a set number of days from school
  • permanently from school

A pupil could be excluded if:

  • they disrupt lessons
  • their behaviour is a threat to other pupils or staff
  • they break school rules

A school needs to think what is the best course of action for a pupil with special educational needs, before excluding them.

What happens when my child is excluded?

The school will contact you on the same day about their decision to exclude your child. They will explain:

  • why they have excluded your child
  • how long they will be excluded for
  • who to contact about the decision (for example, school governors)

You will also receive a letter from the school about their decision.

Types of exclusion

There are 2 kinds of exclusion - fixed period (suspended) and permanent (expulsion or expelled).

Fixed-term exclusion

You will be asked by the school to keep your child at home for a set number of school days.

This cannot be more than 45 days in any one school year.

If your child has been excluded for more than one day their school will give them work to complete and return.

Meeting your child's school

For exclusions between 5 and 15 days you (not your child) can attend a pupil discipline committee meeting.

For exclusions lasting 15 days or more you and your child will be invited to a pupil discipline committee meeting. You can ask for a copy of the school's report on the exclusion before the date of the meeting.

You cannot appeal against fixed-term exclusions.

Permanent exclusion

Your child has been permanently removed from school.

Appealing the decision

The school's governing body will review the decision and you will be invited to discuss the exclusion. If the governing body accepts the school's decision to exclude your child you can appeal through your local council.

The letter sent by the school will explain how you can appeal.

Who can I contact if my child has been excluded?

You can contact the SEND Family Services team for support if your child has been excluded.

Find out which locality team you need to contact on the SEND Family Services page on the Suffolk Local Offer website.

Where can I go for more information and support?

For exclusion support, you can contact SENDIASS (the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service).