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Pupil attendance, penalty notices and welfare

Pay a penalty notice fine and see how we work with schools, parents and pupils to reduce unnecessary pupil absences and support children's welfare in school.
School penalty notices and how to pay
How to pay a penalty notice online issued by Suffolk County Council for your child's unauthorised absence from school.
School attendance
About school attendance, unauthorised absences, what to do if you receive a school penalty notice and who to contact.
Exclusions from school
Why a child is excluded from school and how to appeal against the decision.
Children missing education
The reasons why a child is missing from education and what you can do next.
Bullying at school
Information about bullying at schools, including how it is being tackled in Suffolk and how schools respond to the issue.
Raising the participation age
Information about why young people are required to stay in education until they are 18 years of age.