Positive feedback and outcomes from our work

We work flexibly across a range of activity such as consultation, assessment, intervention, training, projects, research and supervision.

This work can be effectively delivered in a range of ways. For example, face to face, over the phone and / or via video calls. Our staff will work with you in order to plan the way our work is delivered.

This page shows a range of feedback across several areas of our work. It has been interesting to see that (looking at feedback and by undertaking evaluative research) that for certain activities working digitally has proven to be as effective and empowering for some people that we have worked with.

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Our digital journey has included introducing innovative consultation tools such as the AANT (Analysis of Additional Needs Tool) and Solution Circles.

Those we work with have said they value our ability to work in this flexible way. Here follows a range of feedback:

“The whole AANT process has been very beneficial - completing the online questionnaire helped to clarify the areas where the pupil struggles the most, and the consultation was hugely beneficial."

"The EP (Educational Psychologist) suggested lots of practical, constructive advice which we can implement without too much difficulty."

"It was also good to talk about our concerns and to have reassurance that some of the future pathways we were considering would be very valid. We would be very keen to carry out further AANT's with other pupils.”

For more information visit the Analysis of Additional Needs Tool website.

"The Solution Circle was a very supportive and professional experience. The follow up email and paperwork were very useful, and my link colleague got in contact quickly. I am very confident that the professional’s contribution will make a difference – one strategy is already having a positive impact."

We use various person centred planning processes that our outlined on PATH and MAP page.

PATH is a person centred planning process that is very effective.

Here is some feedback from children, young people, families, and staff:

“The (virtual) PATH process has allowed my son to make his dreams visible and tangible and made us accountable for trying to make some, if not all of them come true”

"I’ve learnt a lot, it’s brilliant when it’s all laid out in front of you."

"It was really good; it was better than I thought it was going to be. It was really enjoyable."

"The PATH is helping the student feel more empowered – this is a huge difference."

"It’s amazing to see how much good people have to say about me."

"Shows the support I have."

"I know which way I want to go."

One Page Profiles

One Page Profiles are a great way to demonstrate a ‘welcome’ to the person. These can be used for adults and children. See our service one page profiles.

"The digital profile was really helpful for a young person who was anxious about seeing the EP. They listened to the short film of the EP introducing themselves and after watching this they agreed to meet with the EP. Being able to see the EP, to find out a bit about their interests and their work was extremely helpful. I don’t think they would have seen the EP without having the opportunity to watch their video introduction first."

Feedback from family re. use of One Page Profiles.

"A great way to also help school to better understand the issue and to find solutions that work best. The approach and the work that was done was perfect for my child."

- Feedback from a family regarding Inclusion Facilitator and Assistant Psychology involvement to support a young person experiencing emotional based school avoidance (EBSA).

"Inclusion facilitator worked with colleagues in order to develop a collaborative team plan (Team Pupil) for a pupil in care who had suffered trauma and also has additional needs. The foster carers, class teacher, Designated teacher and 1-1 support were all involved in the process. Able to begin to unravel and understand triggers/ emotions which link to behaviour at home and at school. A very much a shared approach to create a Team pupil plan which encourages consistency and positive outcomes for child. Tools were discussed for calming strategies and trigger times during the day. I am confident that the professionals will use the plan to help support child and continue to make reference during challenging times. Would be good to have a follow up meeting 4-6 weeks after to reflect on plan/ strategies/ impact. There is good evidence that all professionals are sticking to the plan and communicating with the parents."

- Feedback from a headteacher in relation to a Team Pupil intervention.

"The inclusion facilitator’s involvement made a huge difference to our whole family and our child’s future potential. I genuinely don’t know what I would have done without the IFs intervention. Our child is now attending school full time and is walking to and from school with friends. His confidence is growing, and he no longer needs a one to one."

- Feedback one year after inclusion facilitator involvement.

"The Inclusion Facilitator was fantastic. She helped our child with so may things and gave her some hope for the future."

"The Non-Violent Resistance (Family Systemic Psychotherapy) intervention (and training) was extremely useful. It supported the family, and I am very confident that the professional’s contribution will made a difference; the family is in a much better place."

School feedback

The Inclusion Facilitators Outcomes page contains a range of ways that we've supported children and young people across Suffolk.

"The Keys to Inclusion training was very useful, it was informative and thought provoking. The training has given me the time and space to reflect on practice and rethink how we could improve practice in school."

"I thought the training was well-paced, well-planned, highly appropriate and extremely well-delivered. Thank you!"

"I would like all my staff to attend this training."

- (Headteacher)

"The training was extremely useful. The graphic, which by the way I thought was amazing."

"I found the keys training incredibly useful. It taught me about Circle of Friends and Restorative Justice which I am keen to build experience in my practice. I enjoyed learning about the ABCD charts and the Circle of Courage. I enjoyed thinking about how to use the Circle of Courage to understand behaviour. Going through the principles of Attachment theory and the stages of trauma recovery. I enjoyed learning about circle of friends and restorative justice and seeing examples of them in practice. It was really helpful to think about strategies to use with pupils to help their emotional understanding. I think this training will make a huge difference to my practice."

- (Suffolk colleague).

"The EP assessment has given me an overview of some of the possible causes of the behaviour and also at what level to pitch any intervention. Also this has given the YP more targeted support in school."

- (Youth Justice Service colleague feedback).

"The EP assessment was extremely useful. We really appreciate his (EP) help with everything for our son."

Positive outcomes assessment

"The EP team within the Youth Justice Service provide assessment and intervention as well as advice and guidance. This involvement is extremely useful and has led to significant profess for children and families as well as developing staff knowledge and confidence. This work is invaluable and paramount to supporting children and families in Suffolk."

"The EP report (statutory assessment) was extremely useful. The report that the EP completed was brilliant."

- Family Feedback.

"Thank you for making it to the meeting and for being such a strong advocate and voice for the pupil. Your contributions have been invaluable and continue to be so. The EHCP has become a far better reflection of the pupils needs."

- Feedback on the EP consultation and assessment.

 EP assessment feedback

"The report was excellent, and the grandmother (Special Guardian) was very pleased."

"The EP was great!  They spoke so honestly with both of us and also put my child (who struggles with new people and especially new adults) at ease. I felt like we were both respected and our thoughts listened to and not judged."