How we choose our suppliers

Find out how to win business with us and about the policies and procedures that you may have to comply with.

We buy a wide range of goods and services that we need as part of our everyday work, therefore we have to ensure that we obtain the best possible value for the money that we spend.

We also make sure that the legal requirements and responsibilities involved, including environmental information and maximising the ‘Suffolk £’, when spending your money and entering into contracts are followed.

To get started, read about:

Our policies and procedures

These guides will give you an idea of our approach to procurement, the rules we have to follow and the standards and policies we expect from our partners. Read about our tendering process for more information on how we evaluate tenders.

'Get Fit to Bid tool'

If you’ve not bid before check out the Suffolk Growth Partnership Board 'Get Fit to Bid Tool' on the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce website. The tool was created for local businesses who hadn’t previously tendered and would like to secure public sector contracts.

Contact us

Call the procurement helpdesk on 01473 260266, available Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm and Friday, 9am to 4:30pm.Or email