Fraud and corruption

Suffolk County Council has a duty to protect public funds, and our Internal Audit Service is responsible for investigating fraud and irregularities.

Types of fraud

The following are examples of fraud that could impact on the county council:

  • procurement fraud (committed by contractors)
  • social care fraud
  • blue badge fraud (parking scheme for people with a disability)
  • grant fraud (false claims or misuse of council grants)
  • insurance fraud (false claims)
  • internal fraud (committed by members of staff)

Report fraud

We treat all allegations seriously and in a confidential nature. We have a zero tolerance to fraudulent activity and will take appropriate action.

Report fraud online if you suspect someone is committing fraud against the county council.


  • call 01473 264399 (Fraud hotline)
  • write to Internal Audit Service, Endeavour House, Russell Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2BX

Other types of misuse or fraudulent activity

If you:

Fraud-related documents

Check out our policies that set out our approach to fraud and corruption:

We will collect and share personal information for the purpose of preventing and detecting crime. Please see our privacy notice for more details.


We publish data annually in relation to our fraud work as part of our transparency agenda.