Waiting and loading restrictions

Waiting and loading restrictions restrict when vehicles can wait, load and unload, limit the length of stay or prevent waiting altogether.

These restrictions help improve the flow of traffic and prevent obstructions on the road. They either:

  • limit the length of stay (thin intermittent white lines with a sign stating the permitted parking time)
  • prevent waiting at any time (double yellow lines)
  • prevent waiting at certain times of the day or certain days of the week (shown on a sign next to the yellow lines)

There is some exemption for Blue Badge holders. For further guidance see our road markings guide (PDF, 158KB).

Providing new waiting and loading restrictions is not considered one of our priorities at the moment as we don’t have enough money to fix everything we want to, or as quickly as we’d like. If you would like new waiting or loading restrictions you should seek support from your local town or parish council. They will then need to identify a local funding source to cover the costs associated with introducing these markings on the road.

Report a problem

You can report a missing or faded waiting and loading restrictions quickly and easily online using our Highways Reporting Tool.


We are not able to enforce waiting and loading restrictions.

This is the responsibility of the Suffolk Police. Parking in Ipswich is enforced by Ipswich Borough Council.

Read more about parking enforcement.

Traffic Regulation Orders 

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