Traffic Regulation Orders

Find out what a Traffic Regulation Order is and how to access maps for Suffolk.

Waiting and loading restrictions are introduced through a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

A TRO is a legal document to enable the restrictions to be enforced, which is part of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 (as amended).

It needs consultation with the local residents affected along with borough, district, parish and town councils and the emergency services. It is then advertised in the local press and public notices are posted on-site.

Responses received during the advertisement period are reported to the Assistant Director of Operational Highways and the Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Rural Affairs for consideration and to determine if the responses need to be reported to the Development and Regulation Committee. If approved, signs and road markings are put on site just before the TRO comes into force.

Traditionally TROs consist of text describing the rules that apply about waiting and parking restrictions with a written schedule describing exactly where the restrictions apply. These schedules can be lengthy and confusing, with some streets subject to many different TROs.

Suffolk Traffic Orders

We are in the process of replacing written schedules for restrictions associated with waiting, loading and parking with map based data. This will make it easier to identify the restriction that applies to a section of road.

We are also planning to make the maps available through our Suffolk Traffic Orders website. It will take us several weeks to make the required changes. We will be making the changes one district at a time.

The following TROs are currently available in the new map form:

  • Babergh 
  • Mid Suffolk 
  • Waveney