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Speed limits

All our current speed limits meet the guidelines set by the Department of Transport. However, you can request a speed limit change through your councillor.

Speed limits in Suffolk

A recent review of speed limits on all A and B class roads has shown they all follow the guidance from the Department of Transport.

We are confident that speed limits are largely appropriate across Suffolk. Most requests for a speed limit change will not now meet the requirements for reconsideration.

We will only consider an alteration if there has been a change in circumstances (such as a new development) or if the location is part of a specific project. 

Any County Councillor who believes a request from their parish or town council requires a full assessment should speak to their Community Liaison Engineer.

You can read our speed limit policy (PDF, 76KB) for full background and details on speed limits in Suffolk.

20mph speed limits

The Department of Transport has encouraged highway authorities to introduce 20mph limits in urban areas and village streets that are primarily residential. 

In response to this we have agreed on criteria (PDF, 39KB) to assess whether limits can be introduced and how funding will be prioritised. Our flow chart shows how the assessment process (PDF, 33KB) will be carried out.

Contact your local county councillor if you would like us to consider introducing a 20mph limit. If your councillor agrees they will contact us to discuss the change. 

Speeding complaints

If you think vehicles are regularly travelling in excess of the permitted speed limit, raise this with Suffolk Police. On Suffolk Police website you can find the Safer Neighbourhood Team in your area.

Although only the Police can enforce the speed limit, the public can also get involved in helping raise awareness of speeding through the Community Speedwatch programme. The Suffolk Roadsafe website has more information about the Community Speedwatch programme.


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