Report a faulty lit sign or bollard

Report a faulty or obscured lit sign, lit bollard, Belisha beacon or wig wag sign in Suffolk. Find information about when we'll complete the repairs.

Choose from an emergency or non-emergency faulty street light.

Emergency faults

Any of the following issues are emergencies:

  • exposed electrical wires
  • flasher units outside schools not working
  • Belisha beacons at zebra crossings not working
  • damaged bollard signs

For emergencies you should call our Customer Service Centre on 0345 606 6171.

Do not report a problem with lit bollards or signs online if it's on a:

You should contact UK Power Networks helpline on 0800 783 8838 if a street light outside, and the lights in your property, are flickering. This may indicate a problem with the electricity supply, not the street light.

Non-emergency faults

For all other problems it's quicker and easier to report a fault by using our online reporting form.

Using our online form takes about 5 minutes.

When will repairs be completed?

We aim to repair routine faults (such as replacing bulbs) within 1 month.  Other faults are likely to take longer, depending on the repair(s) required and the availability of specialist staff or equipment.

Priority is given to dangerous faults such as exposed wires and are normally made safe within 2 hours.


Before reporting

To report a lit sign or bollard you'll need the following information:

  • Location of the faulty lit sign or bollard (the parish or town and road name)
  • Unit number (this can be found on a plastic plate attached to the column of the street light)
  • Details of the fault (e.g. light off, damaged sign)
  • Your personal information (name, address, contact details) 

If the lit sign or bollard is not shown on our reporting system, then we do not maintain or repair it.  We do not hold records of who is responsible for them but the borough, district, town or parish councils  may know the owner. 

After reporting

When you report a problem on the web reporting tool, it goes to our contractor who will do one of the following:

  1. raise a fault if no live fault exists;
  2. add the report to an existing live fault;
  3. withdraw the fault if it is an issue which does not relate to a repair of a lit bollard.

This means you may not see the fault you have reported on our reporting tool, but please be assured that it has gone to the contractor for assessment as described above.

If we find the cause of a faulty light is a problem with the electricity supply we will refer it to the electricity supplier. It'll then become their responsibility to resolve the problem.

Other ways to report

Reporting a non-emergency problem online is quicker and easier. It also saves money, which can be used to improve services.

But you can report a problem by email or phone using the following contact details: