Roadworks in Suffolk

How to find latest roadworks, road closures, diversions and traffic restrictions in Suffolk; including our programmes of works.

Find out about what works are happening in your area by reading the Programmes of work section below.

Read our instructions on how to use the roadworks tool to help you use this map.

We recognise that our residents are constantly looking for better information regarding the local highways network. Taking this on board, we're always looking at ways to improve the information we can release to help our residents and those who work in and visit the county to plan their journeys within Suffolk.

Over the coming weeks, we are concentrating our efforts to ensure that everyone has as much information as possible to keep them informed of anything within their parish or along their chosen routes.

As a starting point, we've created a programme of all the highways work planned throughout the county. So, anyone can search by parish or road to see what's actually happening to the network; such as highways drainage, resurfacing treatments etc.

This will constantly be evolving to help as many people as possible keep informed; we will also be creating videos to give a better understanding of what is actually involved in the process, for example getting ready for winter

In the meantime however, you can find detailed information on the main 'type of works' below:

Come back soon to learn about your roads and to keep informed about what's happening to them.

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We would be grateful for feedback on how our works were carried out and what you think of the result.

Fill out a survey if you have any comments about roadworks in Suffolk. Your feedback will help us to improve our service in the future.


Roads that need repairing by Suffolk Highways are identified based on: 

  • regular inspections
  • annual surveys using specialist equipment
  • reports from councillors, parish councils and community groups
  • reports from residents

If you're planning works which could affect the highway read about temporary road closures and diversions and bridges.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about roadworks.

You have said my road will be closed. How am I going to get in and out of my property?

Letters will be sent to residents with the planned start and end date, duration of works, and the times when the road will be closed to through traffic.

Please note that:

  • before the start time of the works parked vehicles should be removed from the road
  • during these dates and times vehicles will not be able to park on the road

Access to properties and businesses within the roadworks site will be available subject to ongoing operations.

Our staff are on site to answer questions and to help you get in or out of the roadworks site safely, using the right through route. Access to your property may be temporarily unavailable for about 15 - 20 minutes if we are working on the road or footpath directly outside your property.

We understand that businesses need to know that customers can still visit, so where appropriate we will display a "Business open as usual" sign.

Other services are notified of planned roadworks, for example, your local council for bin collections.

Access would immediately be made available to any emergency vehicle.

Will the works be noisy?

On some occasions yes. We use vehicles, heavy machinery and equipment that will create noise. We try to keep the noise down as much as possible. You will receive a letter with details of any particular noise that we will create.

Why are signs and barriers left on the site after the work has been finished?

Signs and barriers may still be left at a site because:

  • a surface needs time to dry off
  • they are being collected on another day
  • they have been left by mistake

If signs or barriers are left for more than 2 weeks after the work has been finished, please email

Your letter says works will start today and there’s no-one here?

The start date for roadworks can change due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather.

Major changes are always notified to residents, and we try and keep the information boards on site up to date.

Can you stop people who are using my road as a short cut instead of the diversion route?

We understand diversions are inconvenient and add extra time to your journey. They are necessary and are selected as the best route for all vehicles. We aren't allowed to stop someone from driving along a public road that is not part of our roadworks.

We try to make the diversion route as clear as possible. If you think it's not working let us know by emailing

Download a list of Statutory Undertakers (PDF, 271KB) who operate/maintain apparatus in Suffolk.

The Notice of Works form (PDF, 570KB) is used to book road space for anyone wishing to work, or place traffic management, in the highway.

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