Diversion routes for road closures

Find out about diversion routes which have been put in place when roads are closed.

Roads are closed when there is no safe alternative way of carrying out roadworks, including using temporary traffic lights or "stop/go" boards. Closures can also be put in place for events on the highway such as sporting events, markets and processions, and for incidents and emergencies. Sometimes road closures are put in place to prevent traffic congestion when joining a road where works exist, for example where one end of the closed road intersects where traffic may be queued at temporary traffic lights.

When a road is closed, a diversion route must be put in place to guide vehicles from one end of the closure to the other, and the route traffic is diverted round must be signed to guide traffic. Occasionally diversion routes for different road closures cross over each other and in these cases, a symbol is placed on the signs on one of the routes so highway users know which signs to follow.

The following information provides the answers to frequently asked questions we receive when road closures and diversions are put in place.

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