Roads, pavements and verges

Details of road, pavement and verge maintenance and defects, including potholes, roadworks, drainage, resurfacing, vegetation, salting, gritting and snow.

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Information about potholes, including how we inspect, monitor and repair them in Suffolk.

Road markings and road studs

Learn about road markings and road studs, which are used to define roads, bus and cycle lanes and traffic calming schemes.

Safety fences and barriers

Safety fences and barriers separate roads and routes from hazards.

Resurfacing roads and pavements

We maintain most roads and pavements in Suffolk. We make sure they are surfaced correctly to keep them smooth, waterproof and skid resistant.

Obstructions on roads and footways

Information about obstructions on roads and footways, including how they can restrict access and are a potential safety hazard.

Trees, grass and weeds

How we maintain trees, grass and weeds on roads, pavements and verges and the treatment programmes carried out by Suffolk Highways.

Traffic sign maintenance

Information about how we maintain road signs, including how to report a problem with a traffic sign.

Report a highways issue

You can report a highways issue in Suffolk quickly and easily online.

Bridges and highway structures

Information about how we assess, maintain, and strengthen bridges in Suffolk, as well as how to report a problem with a bridge.

Reporting highway maintenance emergencies

Find out what a highways emergency is in Suffolk, what we need to know to assess the situation and who to contact about roads not managed by Suffolk Highways.


Current and planned roadworks or road and street closures and how this affects you and information about road improvements projects in Suffolk.