Blue Badge misuse

Information about Blue Badge misuse, including how to report it and what the consequences are if you are found to be misusing a badge.

A Blue Badge is the property of Suffolk County Council. If it's not used correctly, there could be a £1,000 fine issued, and it can be taken away.

Important things to remember

  • You must be a passenger or driver of the vehicle at all times when a Blue Badge is displayed
  • If parking in disabled spaces, the owner of the badge can't stay in the vehicle while somebody else makes use of the badge
  • Don't let someone else use your badge to get free or better parking

Taken from Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England

Reporting misuse of a Blue Badge

We will need to know the Blue Badge number, and/or the name and address of the holder. If possible it would be helpful to know the:

  • vehicle registration of the vehicle using the Blue Badge
  • vehicle make and model
  • circumstances of suspected misuse
  • date suspected misuse took place

We will also ask for:

  • any photos or video you have
  • your name and contact telephone number – although you can remain anonymous