Blue Badge misuse

About Blue Badge misuse and how to report it.


The Blue Badge is the property of Suffolk County Council. We've a range of sanctions to use if you or someone else has misused your Blue Badge. Including:

  • confiscation or permanent removal of the badge
  • a fine of up to £1,000

Correct use of a Blue Badge and what's not permitted

  • A Blue Badge can only be displayed when parking on single or double yellow lines or in a disabled parking bay, providing all of the people in the car exit the vehicle.
  • Alternatively, the badge can be displayed by the driver of the vehicle if the badge holder needs to be dropped off directly outside a shop, pharmacy, hospital entrance or GP surgery etc.
  • Once the badge holder had been dropped off, the driver of the vehicle (non-badge holder) will then need to go and park in a normal parking space, until they are required to return to collect the badge holder from the “pick up point”. The non-badge holder is then permitted to display the badge whilst the badge holder gets back into the vehicle
  • Do not let someone else use your badge to get free or better parking. The Blue Badge is issued to you and cannot be shared by a spouse, family member or anyone else.

Read Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England for more guidance.

Reporting misuse of a Blue Badge

We need the individual's Blue Badge number to investigate an allegation of misuse.


  • name and address of the badge holder (if known)
  • description of the person displaying the Blue Badge
  • vehicle registration of the vehicle using the Blue Badge
  • vehicle make and model
  • circumstances of suspected misuse
  • the date suspected misuse took place
  • your name and contact details

All misuse allegations are treated in the strictest confidence.

Report blue badge misuse here.

Use webchat to contact Blue Badge Team

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