Blue Badge rules

Learn about the rules and how to avoid misuse penalties for Blue Badges.

It's your responsibility to know how, when, and where to use your Blue Badge.

You can read about your rights and responsibilities as a Blue Badge holder. If someone else is driving for you, they must also learn about the rights and responsibilities.

Your Blue Badge is issued to you rather than a vehicle. This allows you to use it in any car in which you are either a driver or a passenger.

Correct use of a Blue Badge

You must:

  • clearly display it in the vehicle alongside a parking clock
  • make sure it's in date
  • ensure it's for the badge holder's use only

You must:

  • only display a Blue Badge when parking on single or double yellow lines, or in a disabled parking bay, ensuring all people and the badge holder can exit the vehicle
  • display the badge when a driver is dropping off a badge holder, such as outside a shop, pharmacy, hospital entrance or GP surgery etc. The driver should then park in a normal parking space, until the badge holder needs to be collected from the pick-up point

What's not permitted

It is an offence if you:


The Blue Badge is the property of Suffolk County Council.

If you misuse or someone else misuses your Blue Badge, you may receive:

  • confiscation or permanent removal of the badge
  • a fine of up to £1,000

Read Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England for more guidance.

If you see anyone misusing a Blue Badge, you can report it.

We want your feedback

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