Grit bins

Information about how to request a grit bin, or a grit bin that needs refilling in Suffolk.

Grit bins are owned by parish/town/district councils and to ensure that the contents of grit bins are used to make roads safer, we ask these organisations to monitor how and where the grit is used.   

Suffolk Highways, on behalf of Suffolk County Council, will only accept requests for new grit bins from a parish, town, borough or district council (the 'Applicant').

Grit bins are generally placed at important locations, such as the bottom of hills, or on junctions on minor roads. We agree locations with parish councils to make sure they are in local trouble spots that are generally not on current gritting routes.

Grit from bins must only be used on the public highway - unauthorised use of the salt from the grit bins is considered to be theft.  

We can insure named volunteers for spreading grit or clearing snow providing the parish or town council maintains a list of these volunteers.

Please note: Following a review of our grit bin/heap process, we have identified concerns about the effectiveness of grit heaps. They can damage the environment due to the leaching of salt into the highway verges and the underlying groundwater and watercourses. This leaching also reduces the effectiveness of the remaining material. Therefore, the provision of grit heaps across the county can no longer be supported. Material for these heaps will not be provided any more by Suffolk Highways.

However, if you wish to maintain a stock of grit at the location of a redundant grit heap in your parish/town please apply for a new grit bin at that location. To do so please follow this guidance (PDF, 171KB).