Travel plans

Find information on sustainable travel, school, work place travel plans and requirements for new developments. Also details on Modeshift STARS accreditations.

For information about how you can travel in a more active and sustainable way, whether for fun, for work or for school, please visit 

 A travel plan is a document that seeks to promote greener modes of transport, and reduce dependence on the car. Travel plans contain a package of measures to raise awareness about low-cost options and more pleasant ways to travel.

Travel plan guidance

Suffolk County Council have recently produced a formal travel plan guidance document that provides information and advice on the required content for a travel plan in Suffolk.

Download and read:

Click on each tab below for information on alternative methods of transport.

View the Suffolk County Council minimum standard for travel plans and travel plan monitoring in the checklists below. Once you have ticked off all sections, you can submit your travel plan or travel plan monitoring back to us to be reviewed: