Consultations, petitions and elections

Find how to comment on a consultation in Suffolk, how to take part in a petition and about elections in Suffolk.

Visit to view results for the Suffolk County Council elections held on Thursday 6 May 2021

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How to take part in a public consultation or fill out a survey and a list of past consultations published by Suffolk County Council.

Consultation and Engagement Charter

Read about our commitment to consult and engage with people in the Consultation and Engagement Charter.

Census 2021

By taking part, you can help inform decisions on services that shape your community, such as healthcare, education and transport.

We are listening events 2020

Share your views about services important to you with the Leader of the Council, Councillors, senior managers at public events across Suffolk.

Electoral review of Suffolk County Council

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is carrying out an electoral review of Suffolk County Council.

Starting a petition

Learn how petitions work and what they can achieve.


Information about past and future elections for Suffolk County Council, including how you can stand for election

Get involved in local democracy

How to find out more about democracy in Suffolk, including how to vote, attend and meet or contact your councillor or MP.

Petition for an elected mayor

You can submit a petition to the council requesting a referendum on whether local people should elect a mayor to lead the council and the community it serves.

How communities can shape and run local services

How to submit a Expression Of Interest (EOI) to run and shape local services, who can submit an EOI and the reasons why an EOI is rejected.