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Petition for an elected mayor

You can submit a petition to the council requesting a referendum on whether local people should elect a mayor to lead the council and the community it serves.

For each local authority there is a group of people who are in charge of what the council does.

This arrangement can be structured in 1 of 3 ways:

  • a directly elected mayor and a cabinet of councillors
  • a leader elected by the council and a cabinet of councillors
  • a directly elected mayor and a council manager appointed by the council

Suffolk County Council has a leader elected by the council and a cabinet of councillors.

What is a directly elected mayor?

A directly elected mayor should not be confused with a ceremonial mayor. In many local authority areas a ceremonial mayor represents the area.

A directly elected mayor is elected by voters in the council's area to be the head of the council's decision making body.

Calling a referendum

A referendum gives voters in the area a chance to choose if they are happy with a constitutional change. 

In order to call a referendum for a directly elected mayor a petition must be compiled and signed by 5% of the local government electors shown in the current Register of electors.

This 5% figure is known a the "verification figure" and is published annually as a formal notice. 

For more information please contact our councillor services office:

Download the Verification Notice 2023