The Budget for Suffolk

We have a statutory responsibility to set a balanced budget. Read our budget, find out how it is set it and how we are saving money.

Read the Budget 2017 - 2018 and Capital Programme 2017 -2020

The funding for the budget comes from a number of sources including council tax, government grants as well as specific grants, fees and charges.

Central government's focus on reducing the deficit has meant a reduction in local government funding over the past few years.

Agreeing the budget

Elected members approve all budgets of the authority and monitor expenditure and income throughout the year.

The County Council scrutiny committee independently monitors how we go about our business and the decisions we make.

Budget setting is conducted through a process of consultation and open meetings. Every year in the Autumn, the cabinet considers budgets for their particular area of responsibility and recommends appropriate capital and revenue budgets to Full Council. Papers and minutes from the full council and council committees can be found on the Suffolk Committee Minutes website.

The Full Council then meets to approve the budget in February.

Saving money

We have promised to protect hard working residents with a promise of 0% rise in council tax during this administration. This means that savings have had to be found from across all areas of the County Council.

We set detailed financial targets for all of our services and we monitor spend against those targets throughout the year.

We are also re-designing the way that we deliver services through a series of transformation programmes. Protecting front line services and ensuring we maintain the quality and effectiveness for Suffolk Residents.

What we've done

In the last three years we have made over £100m of savings.

We have done this by cutting waste, reducing management and staffing levels.

This has allowed us to protect front line services for Suffolk.

However we are now facing an even bigger budget gap. We have to save another £120 million in the next three years and, while we have made every effort to get more from every pound we spend, we will be faced with making increasingly tough decisions.

How we've done it

One of the key things you told us was to reduce bureaucracy, waste, management and the back office.

That's why we have:

  • implemented a jobs freeze across the organisation that saw a number of people leave our employment without being replaced
  • reduced our management structure saving over £2 million
  • reduced back office costs
  • frozen councillor allowances
  • ensured services are commissioned in the most effective way, such as joint venture arrangements and lower cost contracts
  • made more efficient use of the office space we have at our key centres working with partners to use space efficiently
  • worked closely with our partners across Suffolk to reduce duplication
  • maximised opportunities to bring in external income

You can find out more about our budget, how it is spent, and the savings we have made on our council tax page.

Future Plans

Budget & Transformation Strategy 2016-20 (Efficiency Plan)