Suffolk 2020 Fund

The Suffolk 2020 Fund is a £3 million one-off fund which is used to meet a number of current policy priorities.

Governance and decision making

The £3m Suffolk 2020 Fund was agreed as part of the 2020/2021 budget setting process. Decisions will be made in line with the Council’s Constitution with each decision recorded, reported, and monitored in the quarterly budget report.

Project proposals will come through members of Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet. The ‘sponsoring’ Cabinet Member, working with a Lead Officer, will submit an initial proposal referred to as a ‘Scheme on a Page’ to the:

  • Council’s Chief Finance Officer (Section 151 Officer)
  • Assistant Director for Governance
  • Legal and Assurance (Monitoring Officer)
  • Deputy Chief Executive
  • Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources

Where the ‘Scheme on a Page’ is supported, it will then be developed into a detailed project proposal business case and signed-off by the Council’s Section 151 Officer and Monitoring Officer.

The detailed business case will then be submitted to the relevant County Council Director and the Deputy Chief Executive, who will arrange for the allocation of funding for the project, in conjunction with the sponsoring Cabinet Member and the Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources.