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School attendance

About school attendance, unauthorised absences and who to contact.

Why a child should attend school

Every child has a right to an efficient and suitable full time education and it is a parent’s legal duty to ensure this happens. Where parents have chosen to register their child at a school they must ensure their child attends school regularly.

It is well known that missing school for any reason can cause a child to fall behind in their learning. Missing school not only damages a pupils learning and grades, but can disrupt routines and can make children vulnerable to crime.

Sometimes children also find it difficult to settle back into school after a break.

In the longer term, evidence shows that reduced levels of attendance are likely to affect the progress of any child, whatever their needs or ability and can result in lower levels of qualifications being achieved.

By ensuring your child attends school regularly, this will helps develop crucial life skills, resilience, and a strong work ethic that will benefit throughout their lives.

If your child is having difficulties attending school, then it is important that you as their parent or carer speak to their school directly in the first instance. This is especially important if your child has any health conditions that are affecting their attendance.

If your child needs time off please inform their school as soon as possible.

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