Elective Home Education (EHE): educating your child at home

Elective Home Education is where parents choose to exercise their legal right to take responsibility for educating their children at home.

The decision to Electively Home Educate should be taken solely by parents and schools should not seek to influence parents to opt to educate their children at home.

(Section 3.12 Elective Home Education Guidelines for Local Authorities 2007 & 2013)

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children receive a suitable education. While most parents aim to do this by sending their children to school, some parents choose to educate their children at home.

Elective Home Education is the term used by the Department for Education (DfE) to describe parents' decisions to provide education for their children other than by sending them to school. This is different from home tuition provided by a local authority and different from the education provided by a local authority other than at a school.

In Suffolk, we respect this right of parents. Our aim is to work constructively with parents to help them promote their children's learning and development. We seek to establish relationships with parents that are based on mutual understanding and respect.

The documents below reflect Suffolk County Council's current strategy, policy and procedures relating to Elective Home Education based on the government's guidance to local authorities 2007. However, these will be reviewed in light of the government's consultation(s):

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